ULV Fogger

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of ULV Fogger such as ULV Foggers and Nanofog ULV Fogger from India.

ULV Foggers

Item Code: 1020SE

NANOFOG® series of ULV Foggers ranging from Model Nos. 1017 to 1020 and 2017 to 2020 are liquid ULV foggers suited to the application of spraying aqueous solutions (generally quaternary ammonium compounds / H202+AGNO3 solutions or compatible disinfectants) in fine particle form (ranging from 0 ~ sub-microns). The foggers run on a high speed FHP Motor that provides maximum thrust of spray, suitable for fogging. All models are portable products. Entire body is made of high grade Nylon-6 and internal components are made of S.S. to resist corrosion and chemical attack. The storage tank is an SS316L (Low carbon) grade high quality Stainless steel tank having capacity of 6.50 Ltrs. (which is highest in its class) - sufficient for various applications. NANOFOG® series foggers are thus an ideal unit for all fogging applications.

Nanofog ULV Fogger

Item Code: 2018SFD
We have recently launched the NANOFOG series foggers which are the most advanced foggers in the market today, compatible with most fogging liquids including quaternary ammonium compounds & H202+AGNO3 solutions. We have developed inhouse a DIGITAL TIMER (Model: DIGIT-IN) to assist the user and do a digital job. DIGIT-IN also records the no. of hours the fogger has been in use. Using DIGIT-IN, the user can set the desired fogging time from 1 ~ 99 minutes and it works like a countdown timer.

ULV Fogger

Item Code: 1017-PFE

We are one of the trusted names engaged in offering a quality-assured range of NANOFOG series of ULV Foggers to the customers. These products are ULV foggers that are widely used for fogging water as well as oil based solutions, with utmost efficiency.

Moreover, these foggers split the liquid into very fine particles that remain suspended in the air for a longer time period that stretches the contact period with micro-organisms in the air, resulting in better germ control. Our range of products is provided with a timer device that ensures its flexibility and durability.

To make the process more uniform as well as increase the area coverage, these products can also be used with Rotostand. Owing to the robust construction, portable design and simple mechanism, these products can also be used for hand-held operations too. These products can be used to cater to the requirements of aerial disinfection of enclosed areas like hospital O.T.s. I.C.U.s, pharma rooms and others.


  • Highest number of features & highest area coverage as compared to any other conventional fogger in its category.
  • High density engineering plastic body to ensure portability & resist chemical attack.
  • Since the supplied liquid is broken into very fine particles on the nozzle assembly itself and the aluminium body does not come in contact with the chemical, internal corrosion and chemical attack is avoided.
  • The unit comes pre-fitted with a liquid flow control valve for ease of use. Fog output is controlled with this valve. Higher the volume of output, larger will be the fog particles and vice versa.
  • The unit has a vertical adjustable head and can be rotated horizontally (using our accessory: ROTOSTAND) to gain better direction, maximum results and greater efficiency.
  • Compact design and low weight utilises very little space and the unit can be installed without making any structural changes or modifications.

For more details refer to the attached pdf file.